As a leading rail expert, SYSTRA offers a wide range of services to the freight rail industry. We have served freight rail clients throughout the world. In the United States, our clients range from the Northeast to Florida, and from Southern California to the Pacific Northwest.Our work has encompassed planning, design, and construction-phase services for new and improved tracks, interlockings, grade crossings, signals, communications, yards/storage facilities, bridges, rolling stock equipment, operations and economic feasibility studies, and other equipment and capacity improvements.

Representative Projects: 

Norfolk Southern Railway Austell, Georgia Intermodal Facility Operations Analysis/Simulation
Atlanta, Georgia

SYSTRA used its leading RAILSIM Network Simulator software to identify operating issues and solutions pursuant to a proposed intermodal facility to be located northwest of downtown Atlanta, Georgia by Norfolk Southern Railway. The facility is located just north of Austell on the Atlanta North district of Norfolk Southern's H Line. The Austell, Georgia intermodal facility simulation project involved simulating various combinations of operating strategies and infrastructure improvements for trains approaching a proposed intermodal facility through Austell Junction from the south/east and from the west. Particularly challenging was serving the facility from the west due to the absence of a wye. In addition to simulating the operational improvements to be realized by constructing a proposed wye, SYSTRA tested various other strategies involving either backing trains up from Austell or leaving blocks of cars on sidings to be picked up by an Austell switch crew, or running all of the way into Inman Yard in Atlanta and shifting blocks of cars to northbound trains or transfer runs headed to the facility. SYSTRA also sensitivity-tested each strategy under various service levels, using train movement data furnished by the client.

Norfolk Southern Railway was able to overcome certain community concerns regarding the facility and the Austell intermodal terminal was constructed and now is in operation.
Operations Simulation
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