SYSTRA is pleased to announce the launch of the RAILSIM X® Software Suite, the industry’s leading analytical software for rail systems modeling and simulations.  Click here for the full announcement.

RAILSIM X® is an analytical tool used for modeling and simulating the operations and performance of rail systems.  It is designed to simulate all facets of rail systems and the interactions of trains with infrastructure, control systems, and the operation of complex systems and networks. RAILSIM X® can accurately simulate any rail system; including light rail, heavy rail or high-speed rail. 
Enhancements and Key Features
RAILSIM X® is cloud-based, facilitating greater mobility designed on a 64 bit architecture, facilitating easier use, faster operation, and efficient delivery of simulation models on both PC and Apple operating systems.
RAILSIM X® is composed of multiple modules that simulate and analyze specific features of rail and rapid transit systems relating to operations, electric traction power networks and signal engineering.  These modules include:
·         RAILSIM X® Train Performance Calculator (TPC) generates detailed and highly accurate performance characteristics of a single train operating over a specified alignment.  This performance data includes time, distance, velocity and acceleration, among many types of output. 
·         RAILSIM X® Editor (EDT) analyzes the development of infrastructure (track and signal system) and operations (trains, ridership, and failures/special operating conditions) of the rail network. 
·        RAILSIM X® Load Flow Analyzer (LFA) analyzes the loads, potentials and regenerative braking receptivity on Direct Current and Alternating Current power systems supplying power for the operation of electrified rail under prescribed operating conditions.
·       RAILSIM X® Signal Engineer (SIG) allows for design and analysis of rail and rapid transit signal systems.
·         RAILSIM X® Network Simulator (SIM) is used to analyze full-system operations of even the most complex rail networks with multiple lines and branches, while simultaneously operating trains over parts of the system.
·        RAILSIM X® Safe Braking Distance Calculator (SBC) calculates safe braking distances for "worst case" signal design purposes.
·        RAILSIM X® Editor Control Line Generator (CLG) is used to develop models, along with the design and modification of signal systems. 
·        RAILSIM X® Headway Calculator (HDC) automates signal clearing time (minimum supportable headway) processing for fixed block wayside and/or cab signal/ ATC train control designs. 
·         More enhanced features to come... stay tuned!
Additional Information
The RAILSIM X® Software Suite brings clients the added benefit of SYSTRA’s extensive staff experience in signal engineering, rail operations and electrical engineering.  For additional information and updates, please contact railsim@systra.com.