Rolling Stock Performance

Through the combination of SYSTRA's expertise, our RAILSIM® software, the data we have compiled in our vast RAILSIM Rolling Stock Libraries and those Libraries' capacity for user-definition of new models, SYSTRA analysts are best prepared to analyze the performance of any rolling stock on any rail network.  We can evaluate an existing fleet to determine an optimal roster of equipment assignments and/or perform comparative analyses of equipment under procurement consideration to ensure the best match with operational requirements such as schedule adherence.

Representative Projects: 

Amtrak Acela MAS Safe Braking Analysis
New York, NY to Washington, DC

SYSTRA provided design and engineering services to determine the Maximum Authorized Speed (MAS) for Amtrak Acela trains based on the existing signal system and Amtrak’s AEM7/Amfleet safe braking distance criteria. The criteria applied to Acela and other passenger trains on the Northeast Corridor.

SYSTRA analyzed all control line step-downs to stop and analyzed the maximum supportable speeds to reduce to the applicable 15, 30, 45 and 80 mph diverging speeds at all applicable interlocking targets to ensure that any increase in speed allowed for the proper reduction distance. Amtrak's S-603 reducing criteria -- as opposed to the stopping criteria – was used for the diverging routes. SYSTRA also filtered the reducing distances in project results to ensure that only the applicable reducing targets (15, 30, 45 and/or 80 mph) were shown for each track for each interlocking approach. Where speeds could exceed 125 mph, SYSTRA assumed the application of 180/180 (super clear) code where it was not presently in service. No other control line changes were assumed as part of the analysis.

The study gave no consideration for civil speed restrictions or traction power capacities/catenary dynamics, but instead focused on cab signal system safe braking and associated reducing distances.

SYSTRA used its RAILSIM Simulation Software Suite and added a software enhancement to support MAS. This enhancement facilitated the analysis and ensured that Amtrak engineers could perform follow-up analyses using the RAILSIM Suite.
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