Construction Management

SYSTRA offers extensive capabilities in construction management ranging from major facility construction and rehabilitation, to new start rail lines and system modernizations. SYSTRA construction managers, resident engineers, and inspectors are familiar with the specifications and operation of equipment for rail and transit maintenance facilities, all types of track construction (conventional, concrete, direct fixation), stations, signaling, traction power, and communication systems giving us unique qualifications in the inspection, testing, and equipment start-up requirements of construction management.

Our construction managers have the experience, tools, and computer knowledge necessary to provide our clients with a project controls infrastructure and documentation that not only allows a real time, definitive picture of project status, but also provides solid support for claims and disputed items during and after the project construction phase.

From major facility construction and rehabilitation to New Start rail lines and system modernizations, SYSTRA offers extensive construction management capabilities. Many of our construction managers, resident engineers, and inspectors are former railroad employees familiar with the specifications, functions, and challenges of meshing construction projects with railroad operations.  They are also uniquely qualified in the inspection, testing, and equipment start-up requirements necessary for new starts or system expansions.

Our comprehensive construction management services include:

  • Resident engineering
  • Construction inspection
  • Change order processing
  • Constructability review
  • Shop drawing review
  • Project progress reporting
  • Force account coordination
  • Field testing
  • Data management
  • Partnering
  • Project closeout
Representative Projects: 

ConnDOT Danbury Branch Signalization
Danbury, Connecticut

SYSTRA is providing construction management services for the installation of a cab and wayside signal system for the entire Danbury Branch Line operated by MNR. This Central Train Control (CTC) system includes two signal power substations, 28 modified highway crossings, seven private crossings and 17 track turnouts.

The project consist of a combination of cable plow installation, wood poles for arieal installation and the installation of cable trough for both signal power and Fiber Optic (FOC) cables. There is also a number on new signal houses and cases for track block identification. This information will be transmited to and train controlled from the MNR central control center.
Construction Management